Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break - help

Someone please talk me out of this.

Spring break for the boys is this coming week. In a moment of delusion another mom and I decided it would be great to have a memorable, fun, family trip together. We had already secured the cabin in Broken Bow, OK before reality set in. She and I are about to be the only sources of estrogen on this trip. Yep. Me, Jacquelyn and 12 boys. And we do include our husbands among the children.

What were we thinking?

The only saving grace is that the cabin sits on a hundred acres of land that just screams for the boys to run and play. We plan on sending them outside with instructions to sprint until they reach Kansas. Then we lock the door behind them. We also have visions of manicures, face packs and the perusal of trashy paparazzi magazines while they get poison ivy and fend off bears.

The minivan is gassed up. The air soft guns, Frisbee, footballs and the like are packed. I have stocked up on bug spray, band aids and tourniquets. It’s going to be a fun ride.

Pray for me.

Queen Linda

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Anonymous said...

Indeed. What WERE you thinking? I, along with moms everywhere who are now privy, will pray for you.