Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I hate.....

My hair - I ran into my hairdresser today. He has always told me that he would be like the kind friend every dog owners needs. you know, the one who tells them that it is time to put the dog down. Well, its time to cover the grey. with some permanent substance. Being true to my credo of never going into the bathroom with a box of chemicals, this will be expensive.

my house - All the furniture and appliances are either 18 years old or hand me downs from my mother in law, who I love, but just not her taste in decor. At Christmas her house looks like Michaels and Hallmark vomited there. Andy, the sweet son that he is, just picked up a roll top desk from them so they would finally have room in the garage for their cars. It has been in the middle of the tv room for 2 weeks, is as ugly as sin and doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon.

my clothes - I haven't worn a belt since the '80s. So if I have this 'excess skin' as my surgeon calls it from bringing my three lovelies into the world am I supposed to wear a belt or just wear all my shirts untucked and look like a slob. And what does one hot, petite mama wear so she doesn't look like a shlubby fish monger?

It's just the first of summer blues. I have so much to be thankful for the list would go to the moon and back. I do appreciate everything we have, you know what i mean, right?

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