Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Why do people get tattoos where they can't see them?


Anonymous said...

I have 2 tattoos which i can show if i want or i can hide them for formal occasions or work. I enjoy designing my tats and getting them but i also know that it can look trashy if you are wearing a wedding dress or a formal dress and there's a big tat showing.

Linda Marie Ford said...

I hear ya.
The one I can't figure out is when people get a tattoo proclaiming their name across their neck. If they forget their name, looking in the mirror to remember it isn't going to help

Lisa said...

Well, I never thought I would get one being the conservative school teacher that I am, but I finally did - at the age of 35! It is a very small, black and yellow pansy, not quite the size of a quarter. It is located on the inside of my wrist - yes, very painful. I did it to celebrate my divorce (I still felt like I was being rebellious against the #%$*&^@ and that felt great!), my new found freedom, and my fantastic friends (3 of us from college went to a wedding of another friend and we all got the tattos - the pansy was our sorority flower). I don't really regret it and my coolness factor went way up with the kids at school and my own 2 wonderful boys - ages 5 and 8. By the way, they are doing great after the divorce. We got a male dog to take the place of the other male, but they still go to see him.