Thursday, June 26, 2008

My dear 15 year old's first driving fun

I knew it was just a matter of time.

Prince Tim has already had his first driving snafu.

Hubby decided to let him drive the 4 blocks home from a friend’s house. As my cocky yet inexperienced darling is going along he sees an oncoming car on the left and someone’s bulky trash on the curb to the right. Smartly he decided to ooch to the right hitting all the branches hanging off the curb.

As Laura Petrie gasped to Millie in an old episode of the Dick Van Dyke show, “I didn’t scratch Rob’s new car. I SCRATCHED it.” Call Mr. 15 year old Ms. Van Dyke. All he needs now is Capri pants.

As I surveyed the damage I said, “Wow, good job Tim. You managed to hit all four panels on the side of the car.” Luckily he is working part time at a friend’s body shop this summer. There goes his salary but I bet Stanley the Minivan will look better than ever when it returns.

After a penitent afternoon he was at least able to joke, “Gee Mom, I know what you are going to write your Weekly Address about.” How well he knows me.

Here is a car boy story from Queen Mum Joyce of Arlington, Texas.

"When Prince Benjamin was 2 and Prince James was 3, I left them alone in the backyard for a minute. One of them shoved the garden hose into the dryer vent, while the other one turned the water on. As I stepped through the garage to get to the back yard to check on them I noticed water cascading out of the dryer. They were imitating how we gas up the car by "gassing" up the house.”

I’m sure I can look forward to an empty gas tank when my boys eventually do borrow the car.

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Anonymous said...

I am waiting for my oldest to hit something. He will get his license in 2 months. I am very nervous. Glad to hear that you lived through it!