Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prince #3 and the first lost tooth

I knew it was just a matter of time. Prince #3 lost his first tooth. Thank goodness because that thing has been hanging by a thread for weeks, giving me the dry heaves every time I had to see it. Which was often.

We raced home and re-read royal scribe Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt’s new book, You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? . In it the spunky tooth fairy gets in shape with her barbells made out of quarters and outlines specific directions for preparing the lost tooth for pick up.

Prince Christopher was very proud that he had already remembered to ‘clean off all blood and spit off tooth’ and carefully placed his tooth in the designated spot under his pillow. As I shook quarters out of my piggy bank that night I was very thankful that Sheri made no mention of paper money. Those parents who give their kids $20 and stock options are crazy!

The next morning I awake to "Mom! Mom! Mom! THE TOOTH FAIRY CAME!!!!!!!"
"Cool! What did she leave you?"
"8 quarters!"
"8? Gee, when I lost my first tooth I only got 2."
"Well, did you follow directions? I bet you didn't put the tooth in the lower right hand corner of your pillow. Mom, you HAVE to follow directions."

Our tooth related boy story is from Queen Joanna of Illinois

"Last Saturday night hubby and I went to the movies. We had just sat down and our first-time sitter calls. Our youngest son Quinn, 4, had fallen on the freshly cleaned hardwood floors. (I knew the dirt was there for a reason!) He had knocked out his front baby tooth, root and all, and had cut the gums pretty badly in the process. Since I am a dental hygienist and the mother of 6 boys I figured, "Well, that's that for the next 2 years until the permanent tooth comes in."
When the tooth fairy left $2 for him he said, I'm going to buy a new tooth, a champion tooth!"
“Uh, a what tooth?”
"You know like the football player’s shiny, gold front teeth."

Gives a whole new meaning to getting up in your kid’s grill.

Reign On!
Queen Linda

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