Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scaring the 1st Grade Moms

So my kid's teacher is going on maternity leave. The mommys have planned a little shower and have asked for ideas for games to play. I am not EVEN going to suggest that disgusting baby food tasting game. VOMIT.
Anyway, here was my email back to all the young, unjaded moms.
We'll see if anyone responds to this one.

"Back in the dinosaur days when my oldest was in 1st grade, the kids had a baby shower for their teacher. The game they played was 'pass the baby'. The class was divided into 5 rows. Each row had a baby doll with a diaper on. The kids had to take the diaper off, put it back on and then pass it to the next kid. You will definitely be able to tell who has younger brothers and sisters.
After that we all gathered around as Miss Linda gave the kids the 'big talk' about the birds and the bees, complete with specifics on how Mrs. Lustig got pregnant in the first place. Uh..... no. Wait.... I swear I have had my safe environment clearence since then."

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