Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, how did the first week of school go for your little darlings?

In my castle Prince #1 is up late moaning about Spanish, (Helllllllo, we live in Texas, command of this language is a life long skill! You can’t be like your father who took French and now only knows the word for cheese) Prince #2 is exhausted but enjoying dipping his toe into the triumvirate of school work, sports and girls. I drop off my happy first grader Prince #3 at 7:30 and get a Linda Blair worthy demon at 3:00.

And why? Because they are tired.

Now I’m not one of those moms who just let’s their kids stay up to watch Conan. I really do have set bedtimes for them. They are just not into the groove of waking up early. Oh yes, I had lots of intentions to get them on track in the waning days of summer. Yeah, that so didn’t happen.

I get up at 5:45, simply to enjoy a moment of peace. Tim should be in the shower by 6. Matthew should be in there by 6:15. I just let Christopher wallow in whatever scent he accumulated from his sweaty head during a night. When no one is up by 6:30 I will burst into their rooms singing ‘The Good Morning Song.’ Decorum prohibits the details of it here. I have several other tricks up my sleeve. Jumping on the bed screaming ‘Earthquake’, or dragging all the sheets off the bed are two of my favorites. I have threatened and followed through on throwing a pajama clad kid into the van and driving off to school. I don’t inform them that I’ve stowed their uniform in the trunk. Laugh away, it worked.

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Anonymous said...

You are VERY funny!! I have been getting your e-mail newsletter for years. I am a mom of 3 boys - NEVER a dull moment!!

My younger two boys school district decided to strike so my guys haven't started school yet!!!

I am so jealous of your morning routine--I want it soooooo badly!!!

kim from PA