Sunday, October 26, 2008

What is it about boys and their toys?

Prince #3 turned 7 last week and can barely tear himself away from his new toys to attend school. My sister sent him something called an Air Hog car. This thing is pretty cool; they won’t even let me have a turn. It is a car that you drive up the walls. Neat-o except that now I have tire tracks leading up to the ceiling. Ahh, no matter. Moms of boys don’t clean walls, we simply re-paint.

My other sister sent him a light saber. We are talking a complete light up, sound included, multi-handled monster that would make Star War geeks drool. I feel like I should alert my neighbors so they can check their children for bruises and intact retinas.

And it isn’t just the little guys. Hubby procured a flat screen TV that is as wide as I am tall. He and the boys talk about it all the time in some guy lingo I just don’t get. “Yeah, it’s High Def.” “Oh, High Def, I love his rap music.” I reply. I had to tell them that they are so excited I’m worried that they will either pee in their pants or cry with joy over it. I did advise them to just cry, it makes less mess. Whatever. Though I must admit I am looking forward to salivating over a crystal clear Hugh Laurie on House.

Here is a fun story from Queen Camey-

My oldest of three boys, Grady (age 6) asked me if there are TVs in heaven. When my reply was "I don't think so" he quickly quipped, "Man, I hope I die with a video game in my hands."

Reign On!

Queen Linda

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