Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Queen address!

Fellow Queens!

Your devoted Queen is drowning in football playoffs, sleepovers, carpools, swim practice and the dreaded parent teacher conferences.  So this week we let our other queens speak for themselves.

Just the other day, my two youngest sons (Kevin, 11 and Benjamin, 8 1/2) were discussing what they would name their children. Benjamin said that they would have to get the OK from their wives first. At this point my husband, Mark, said "Don't you know that when you get married, you'll be in charge?"  Kevin just looked at him and said "Dad, you are soooo funny."  -Queen Laurie of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

My 6 year old said to me as I was making him go get in the bath, "This is my worst day ever....except for the playground, the pizza place, the cupcakes and the ice cream." -Queen MarySue of Hesperia, Michigan.

My dad called late at night to tell me Jess kept puking. I asked him what he had fed him for dinner.  

“Cheetos, Starbursts, Milky Ways, and root beer.” 

"Bummer for you!!! You get to keep him for the night!!" -Queen Jenny of Florissant, Colorado.

Last night Alex  wasn't cooperating. When I asked him why he was giving me such a hard time, he said he has decided to "Be a rebel from now on.”  -Queen Tracy of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

At least he didn’t say he was a maverick!

Reign On!

Queen Linda

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