Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well, well, weight

If you are one of those readers where the last thing you want to hear is a fab woman concerned about her weight, move on to facebook.
7 years ago when I had that 3rd kid and had gained 40 lbs in the process (may I add that I am 5'3'') I dropped a quick 20 nursing and then could NOT drop the last 20. A friend suggested weight watchers, I agreed since it is the ONLY plan that takes into account nursing moms. So I go.
I think they wanted me to leave.
the first time I decided to share I stood up and said, "Hi. My name is Linda and I'm a choco-holic." Can you hear the crickets? No one was amused.
the next week the leader says in this big Texas twang, "Who in your life is sabotaging your weight loss program." This one chick starts whining about her thin husband who makes brownies another starts whining about how all her friends go out for happy hour for margaritas and she feels she can not partake. Then the leader says, "Just so you know, a basket of chips at Chili's is 24 points." (every food has a point and you have so many points per day based on height and weight) Gasps abound.  The conversation continues. "Well how many points in a margarita?" Astronomical. "It's because of the sugar in the mix." "Yeah, gotta be." "Well, how many points in a shot of tequila?" By this point I raise my hand, "What about a hammer?" Again, crickets. "There are no points in a few good hammer slams to the head and you will feel the same way you would after a few shots of tequila."
Again, they were not amused.
So anyway, I lost the extra 20, became a 'lifetime' member and now only have to weigh in once a month. If I soar up to over 2 pounds above my limit I've got to shell out $14 bucks.
Now, since the economy can suck it, I'm looking for a few ways to earn some extra loot. So I figure I'll have fellow weight watchers come to my house instead of going to their meetings. I'll say, "Yeah, you're fat," take their $14 bucks and then lead a workout. Good, right?
In October my fab friend, Queen Jacqulyn the homeopathy Godess, decided she needed a way to help her clients that are morbidly obese. She heard about this program, very popular in France and Canada, called Idea Protein. Its a modified Atkins and we both agreed to be giene pigs and check it out. With the goal of losing 10 lbs after weighing in at an all time high of 134 without a fetus cooking, I went for it. Woo hoo! lost 11 pounds just in time for my once a year vay ca to Mexico. String bikini it was. Shit its a foreign country, wtf do I care.
but alas, Thanksgiving, the holidays and my unnatural desire for ice cream caught up with me and i thought I had gained it all back.
It being the last day of  the month, I drag myself into WW and low and behold its not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm down to 126! Rah for me.
I'll try to build on it, (but of course going to the donut shop as soon as I post this) and with the encouragement of my rockin friends it will be easier.
Onward and upward!

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