Friday, February 6, 2009

The Plague

Ever see that Will Smith movie, I Am Legend?
Basically the plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into these real sicky, scary monsters.
Now I don't think my family is going to turn into vengeful, skinned animals though it is always a possibility. Thankfully they have been healthy and have hopefully dodged the flu ridden bullet. 
Need I mention that they go to school at St. Thomas Aquinas? 
For the uninformed  STA has 20% of the student body down with either the flu, strep or whooping cough and is quarantined until Monday. 
The coverage of this unfortunate epidemic has been absolutely ridiculous, in my not so humble opinion. On channel 8 they opened with Gloria Campos sternly looking at the camera proclaiming the 'breaking news.'  Then, I'm not kidding, they had the helicopter shots of the school as they told the story in a tone usually reserved for catastrophes like tragic, mass destruction, I imagine like in I Am Legend.
Seriously, helicopter shots! Like some crazy person is roaming the halls of the school. For goodness sakes, they let me in over there.
I'm sure the media, and yes CNN called the school, will salivate and hope to catch people in haz-mat suits sterilizing the campuses.
And don't even get me started on people who send their kids to school sick.
I'm just planning on finding out who they are and spending the rest of my afternoon at my sewing machine making scarlet "F"s for them.

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