Friday, May 22, 2009

Again...if you want to have another sex talk with your kid

Tennyson had it right. In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.


If you want to have another birds and bees conversation with your child, just go to the zoo. The aquatic section our zoo has a glass wall that is over your head so you can watch the fish swim on by. One of the moms who chaperoned this 1st grade field trip pulled me aside and said that all the sharks were ‘happy’ as they swam overhead. Evidently male sharks have not one by two...uh... shall we say reproductive organs. Many comments on this phenomenon fly through my mind but suffice to say that decorum prevents me from mentioning them here. By the way, if anyone thinks that female sharks benefit from this just remember that the shark gestation period is two years. Again, egad!

On the other side of the zoo it was good times as all the animals were up front and personal. “Mom! The other times we go to the zoo all the animals are asleep in the back and we can’t see them. Today we saw all of them” “Well dear, you certainly got to see them today.”

It was sex ed for the 7th graders at school this week. Now keep in mind that the boys go to Catholic school. Again decorum prevents me from voicing my thoughts here. They had a worksheet with role playing scenarios and they had to write in what they would say to the other person. One kid wrote every answer with “Go get me a sandwich.” It concerns me that I think that is hilarious.

As far as my driving teen goes, he will be driving the minivan until he gets a girlfriend. Then he gets the sedan. 

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