Friday, June 26, 2009

Here are my theories about Jacko Wacko

Here are my theories:
#1 He died while he was recovering from yet another surgery to become white.
#2 He has completed his transformation into being Diana Ross's doppelganger. You've never see them in the same room, have you?
and #3, my personal favorite, he really isn't dead. Just like Elvis. They are playing pool together somewhere in the mid-west and talking about Lisa Marie. Eww.
Granted, these are my theories and mine alone. 

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Neat Rox said...

Regarding #3....In book two of the Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels by Charlaine Harris, the books that the HBO show "True Blood" are loosely based on, the author hints about what really happened to Elvis. Maybe the king of pop became supernatural and we'll be seeing sightings of him soon!