Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Majesties


Today your fellow Majesties take over! Here are some boy stories for you to enjoy.

From a Queen who refers to herself as “The other Queen Linda” -

My 9-year-old son asked if when he went to college would he still see me every day. I cautiously explained that he probably wouldn't want to or have time do that. Also that it might not be very practical if he went to school out of state. "What about AFTER college?" he persisted. "Can I see you ever day then? I could buy Mr. Harry's house two doors down. Then, if you were ever sick, I could come and take care of you every day."

This is the same child who pretends he doesn't know me in public. Hmmm, I wonder if Mr. Harry's house will still be for sale in 2018?

From Queen Mary -

All summer long I told myself I would wait until school started to get the carpet cleaned. My four boys are constantly running around with dirty shoes and feet. The Monday school started I paid hundreds of dollars to get all the carpets cleaned. I bought shoe crates and put letters on them for each kid so they could take their shoes off at the back door. I was so excited. The next day, after school, the boys clogged the toilet and it leaked all over the tile floor to the carpet.

I love my boys but I next time I am going to put up a tent in the back yard so that I can enjoy my clean house for a few days.

From Queen Jen of Crown Point, Indiana -

I have three princes, ages 13, 8 and 7. For reasons I'm sure everyone understands, I do not allow food or drink in their bedrooms. Once in awhile I find a stash of goodies and/or trash in Nick's room. I had just done a thorough cleaning in there, and about a week later went in to find empty drink boxes and a half-eaten bag of corn chips. I was fuming and called Nick into his bedroom. I had everything in my hands, and said, quite loudly," Do you want to have mice in your room?". The look on his face changed from horror to excitement as he ran out and found his brothers, yelling, "MOM SAYS WE CAN GET SOME MICE!!!!!".

From Queen Timarie in Cicero New York -

Kyle and Domenic (both 4) are playing with the car race track. They just put parts end to end and made a ramp for the cars to slide down. Domenic keeps doing something that makes it fall apart. Kyle doesn't want to keep putting it back together so he says, "Who do you think I am Domenic? I am not Bob the Builder. Can I fix it? No I can't. I am done fixing your problems, Domenic. I am Kyle. I am NOT Bob the Builder!”

And finally, from Queen Sara in Holland, Michigan -

The other day I heard my one year old Prince and his two year old brother giggling. I thought, "Wow, they are such great brothers! I'm so happy that they play together so well!" When I walked into my room I found my newly cleaned carpets covered in toilet paper that was flying out of my fan! Jack and Peter thought it was really fun watching the little shreds of toilet paper fly throughout the room and stick to my carpet! It looked like it had snowed in my bedroom.

If you haven’t sent me a boy story in awhile, please do so. The Queen Has Spoken!

Reign On!

Queen Linda

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