Thursday, October 8, 2009

and just in case you missed this party idea...

From Queen Lisa of PA
Our favorite party (for my twin boys) was a trip to hike at a local nature preserve (pack snacks and a first aid kit) followed by burgers and dogs on the grill, then camping in tents in the backyard overnight. It had all the fun of camping, but with the benefit of indoor plumbing. Breakfast was easy---very large platters of pancakes and gallons of milk.
Party favors? Flashlights, of course!


joyce said...

About sixteen years ago, I asked my three boys what color cake we should make for Dad's birthday. BLUE was the shouted chorus. So, I put blue food coloring in my dear husband's angel food cake batter. And he was so surprised when we sang to him and cut into his blue cake. I don't think he had ever had a blue cake. And he has never forgotten it. Over the years birthday cakes were decorated with Army men, camo colors, etc. But, the blue cake stands out among the rest.

Linda Marie Ford said...

Ah yes Queen Joyce, a blue cake.
We went to a party that had a dragon cake with lots of green icing. When I opened my kids diaper the next day I almost drove him to the ER.
Green icing + boys tummy = multi colored poo