Friday, October 16, 2009

I’m Going On Strike


I have decided that the Queen is tending to too many things in the castle and I am overwhelmed. When that happens I just spin and try to prioritize but I usually end up in the fetal position sucking my thumb. The Princes are old enough and are not pulling their weight for Team Ford. So I had a serious meeting with them at the dinner table last night.

“Guys, I need a little help here. Prince Christopher -If you leave a room, bring your empty juice boxes and bowls of chips to the kitchen. Prince Tim -If you wash your football pants every night then I know you know how to use washing machine. Busted. Gather up the laundry baskets, sort and wash a load. When you take things out of the dryer, put what is in the washer in the dryer. If you can’t be responsible enough to help with the laundry then you aren’t responsible for something as big as driving a big metal box around town. Prince Matthew -If you see tracks of dirt, waffle crusts and a dead cockroach on the kitchen floor, sweep it up. And while we are at it ask Prince Tim how the whole laundry thing works.

If you do not improve I will go on strike. I will sleep in every morning and you can get yourselves to school. I will not do laundry, I will not cook meals and I will not drive you anywhere. And you will not like it. The Queen has spoken!”

Prince Matthew took my tirade to heart. This morning, on his own, he put a load of their towels that had started to mold in the washer. Amazed, I ventured over to watch this monumental event. Unbelievably he then pivited to get the clothes out of the dryer. I figured I would be pushing my luck if he actually folded them but hey, I’ll take what I can get. As he opened the dryer door an empty blue ink pen clattered to the floor.

He looked at me with hugh eyes and prepared for me to go ballistic. What are you going to do? I just cracked up and we laughed until tears were rolling down our faces.

I won’t go into the state of the ill fated clothing. You have all starred in that movie.

At least I know they had listened the night before and had taken my rant to heart. It is worth a pair of jeans (or two, or three) to have them pitch in for Team Ford.

Reign On!
Queen Linda

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Neat Rox said...

Be careful what you wish for, eh? Very funny. I have gone on laundry and dishes strikes before, but the boys just wear their dirty, stinky clothes and eat over the sink in the kitchen. Maybe it's time for another heart-to-heart.