Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Queen Misty and Queen Kathryn Report in on Birthday Parties!

My 7-year-old is so obsessed with G.I. Joe (the classic, not the new movie) that we had a "boot camp" birthday party. My husband made an obstacle course, complete with climbing wall, balance beam, tire run, rope swing and crawl-under. I made the birthday cake, a tank complete with sparkler coming out of the gun (a cereal straw). I'm pretty sure Prince Daniel will never forget that birthday!
Queen Misty

While I don't have a favorite party, I do have a favorite gift. I am the reigning queen of five princes and we have all the associated pets to go along. Connor, my now 14 year old prince, threatened to move out if we got any more animals. So guess when queen cat had her kittens - on Prince Connor's 14th birthday. I couldn't wait to wake him up and tell him I got him kittens for his birthday! Oh the joy. He didn't see the humor in it - imagine that.
Reign on!
Queen Kathryn

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