Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Day, Snow Day. La, La, La, La. Snow Day!

Early Thursday morning the phone rang.

“Mmummasah,” I greeted my caller with.

“Good morning Linda,” someone chirped. “No school for the boys today! Its a snow day for Cistercian!”

“Whaahaa??” I mumbled.

“Look outside, silly. Its winter!”

At that point I simply hung up so I wouldn’t 1) mutter obscenities to my early morning wake up caller and 2) so they didn’t tell me their name. If you wake me up early, you don’t want me to know who you are. This scenario is slightly better than the time I got an early morning call from St. Thomas. The recorded voice of the principle boomed, “This is Mr. Magee of St. Thomas Aquinas.” I start talking back to him, of course wanting him to think (why?) that I am like the perfect, chirping mom I heard on Thursday. “Oh, hi Mr. Magee. How are you today?” I think I actually started to ramble on about a fictional June Cleaver worthy breakfast I was preparing for my precious darlings before I realized that it was a recording telling me that school was closed due to snow.

So Prince Tim of Cistercian didn’t have to go to school Thursday but Princes Matthew and Christopher of St. Thomas did. In case you didn’t see their jubilant reactions to this injustice in this publication, check out the shot on the Dallas Morning New site : http://tinyurl.com/ydvcavn

I’m such an evil queen. Just because they have a snow day doesn’t mean they get to sleep in. If I’ve got to be up, then they’ve got to be up. The reciprocal does not apply. I made Prince Tim drive the other two to school.

Later on he did thank me for waking him. He and his friends were on the news trying, very lamely, to sled down Flag Pole Hill. http://tinyurl.com/ygnggop

Did you check out the form, the grace, the slo-mo? I’m sure you will agree that we have an Olympic contender on our hands. I’m booking a flight to Russia for the February 2014 games.

Our boy story of the week comes from Queen Karen of Lakewood.

“Today as we were having a snowball fight on our way to the park I said to my home schooled son, “Wow, kids must have had to actually go to school today, the streets are deserted.” My son shot back, 'It shows a lack of respect for the weather to go to school when its snowing."

I agree. Hey snow in Texas this deep demands respect!

Reign On!

Queen Linda

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K. Greer said...

I was looking through blogs, and I have to say that the comment your son made about respecting the weather is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh.