Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prince 9 Year Old's Dream

"Me, Jack, Jackson, George and Luke were in a Nebraska corn field. We saw this big rocket thing with a red dot. We realized it was from Japanese. When it touched the ground we realized it was an atom bomb ran for our lives. We saw Santa Claus. We asked him if we could borrow his sled. He said for 2 Cokes. We gave him cokes but we didn’t pay for them. So we went to his house for 20 bucks. Some guy said, “Get down!” and then he blows off Santa Claus’s head and Santa Claus was a zombie. And then we got in Santa Claus’s sleigh and we flied off.

Craziest dream I’ve ever had."

Sounds like a little WWII fascination, laced with sweets and Santa, topped off with a Halloween zombie hangover.

Should I be worried?


Anonymous said...

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Neat Rox said...

What did he eat before bed? What a doozie!

Adriana Burnett said...

Thanks for shaaring this