Monday, May 7, 2012

If You Ever Want To Hear Your Teen Laugh Like Beavis

I was going to attach a sound clip of B and B from You Tube, but then I figured any Queen of a Teen would be familiar with the laugh. I was amused by the fact that there are videos titled "Beavis and Butthead laugh FOR 10 MINUTES STRAIGHT!" Really? Now we know what they do instead of studying geometry. 
So, anyway. I am on my way to Target and I remember that Prince 15 year old mentioned that he needs some underwear. I call, innocently I may add, and ask, 'What size underwear do you wear?' 
I get the Beavis laugh, "Ha ha haaaaa. Huhhh, haaaa haaa. Large?"
"Seriously. Or I will get petite."
"Isn't large a size? Huhhh hhh haaaa haaa."
Fine, maybe the boy does wear a large. At least he is semi-mature enough that he didn't burst into giggles the second I said the word 'underwear.'

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