Saturday, January 4, 2014

4 Days Into the New Year and I Am So Proud!

Yesterday I received my latest copy of Texas Catholic and there on the front page is Prince #2. His beaming 17 year old face engaged in the giving of toys for little tots. But look closely. He is wearing a Christmas sweatshirt with sweet snowmen on the front. Sweet snowmen toasting with red solo cups. 
I just opened the mail and got a curious letter from the North Texas Tollway Authority. It appears that Prince #1 happened to run the toll. No need to contest it, there is the picture of his ancient Honda passing thru. But, again, look closely. Is he raising his left hand in a birdlike salute. Oh yes he is.
So proud.
Let's see if any incriminating pictures of the 12 year old show up tomorrow.
Happy New Year!

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MomMiller said...

Too funny (for those of us who can empathize)