Monday, September 14, 2015

How Was Your 1st Day of School? GREAT! I Called 911!

I am not kidding.
The first day of school was a half day. Ahh the half day, the bane of working mother's everywhere. 
Anyway, Prince #3 had permission to walk with his peeps to the taco place for lunch. He had to text when he got there and when he got home. No exciting news in the text messages. I think I got a 'here' and a 'home'
So why did the lad call the po-po? It appears that some misguided soul was attempting to break into a car in the strip parking lot. Unaware of the eagle eyes of eighth graders he was employing a bent hanger as well as a crowbar. A little heavy handed for a guy who might have just locked his keys in his car. Plus the boys said he looked 'sketchy.' There you have it.
When asked what they did after reporting such criminal activity he stated, "Then we booked it!"
Let's hope they paid for their tacos first.

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