Friday, January 15, 2016

Oh! THAT'S What You Said!

Last month I expressed my wonder at what was up with Prince #3 using profanity at school. One would think he would be watching his step, so close to Christmas and all.
When he got home from school that day I said, "$%^@ &%# it Christopher! What the &$%& did you say at school today?!"
"What? I don't know what she is talking about! I don't remember!" 
Yeah, right.
Today I popped by the school and just happened to see his math teacher. 
"OMG!" (Have I mentioned that she looks like she is 12?) "I have to tell you what Christopher said that got him in trouble."
"Ah, yeah, about that, I was kind of wondering...."
"He announced to the class that he thinks Donald Trump is a sexist asshole."
I'm so proud.

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