Monday, July 21, 2008

I just did the stupidest thing.

Inspired by Dara Torres, oh my God she rocks, I decided to step up today's workout.

Ipod on I embarked on my usual 4 mile power walk, marching along at a pretty good clip.

May I mention that it was noon and 100 degrees outside?

Half way through I started looking for lawn sprinklers to gulp out of, my pace was slowing down and I remembered that I never did put my ID info on my shoe clip. About 5 blocks from my house I got cold. We are talking goose bumps on a sweltering day in Hell. Now I'm thankful that there is so much construction going on in my hood that some work crew would find my pretty quickly if I took a dive.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I know better and thank God I had sloshed down about 4 liters of water yesterday. I made it home, gulped more water, lay in front of the TV and watched the first episode of The Cleaner, they absolute best show on telly.

Tomorrow I go to the sancuary of the Y.

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