Friday, July 25, 2008

I had the best time...

I got cast in a Texas Lottery commercial. They have a new campaign, 'This could be your lucky day.' In this one there is a businessman in his seat with no one else in his row on this crowded plane. People are coming down the aisle, and its the deal we all have gone through. Please, Pleeeeese don't sit next to me.
Anyway I played the obnoxious, clumsy tourist who comes down the aisle with 2 huge bags and hits people in the face as I'm looking for my seat. I don't sit next to him, hence his lucky day.
I love it when a director says, "I want you to really nail that guy in the third row in the face." Poor third row bastard.
It was so fun and I went up and down that teeny aisle about 25 times. Hence the line of bruises on my leg where the outside arm rest is.
So worth it.

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