Sunday, May 31, 2009

Queen Linda's Weekly Address

One Prince is out of school, the two others get out next week. As I mentally prepare for three months of boy fun, I’ll let some other Queens entertain us this week.

From Queen Juli of Nashville Tennasee. 
I had a stomach bug and needless to say I had to - um - throw up in front of the boys.  I tried to warn them, like a that mommy was going to get sick, but don't worry it's going to be fine...etc, and etc.  I was surprised how calm they were and I was sort of disturbed by how they were looking forward to me getting sick.  My 3 year old yelled "COOL" and my 2 year old said "VOLCANO"  Needless to say, I underestimate their "boyness" even at this young age.  I know there are many more amazing male moments to come.

Queen Suzy of Dallas
My boys added a little excitement to Thanksgiving dinner last year. They  sprayed "Pam" on the lit candles on dining room table just to see if you can make a "flame thrower!" 

From Queen Shelby 
A friend was watching her neighbor’s boys while their mom ran errands. Not being a mom of boys she was unaware how quickly they can get into mischief. Mwuahahaha. The family was doing some construction and the boys wanted to build a sand castle. The poor woman didn’t know to ask questions and said they could. The next thing she knows her friend is coming home and yelling, "Why is there a sand castle IN MY LIVING ROOM?!!!" Poor naive woman. Never turn your back on them.

Reign On!

Queen Linda


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