Wednesday, June 10, 2009

summer fun!

When I said I was glad to see the little buggers out of school I didn’t mean lice. 

I guess I should consider myself lucky. My kids have been in school for 13 years and we have never encountered the mighty mites. Alas, the bullet I have dodged for over a decade has hit the Ford castle right in the head.

My only experience with this was when my younger sister was in grade school. It was picture day and wanting all the children to look their best the teacher combed all the kid’s hair -with the same comb.  24 cases of head lice. I imagine there wasn’t a box of Nix to be found in a 20 mile radius.  

There being five Ford kids my mother had the fun task of de-cootie-ing the entire house. Bedsheets, blankets, hats, pillows, not to mention five heads.  At one point she got so frustrated she decided to go a drive. As we rolled through the streets of Tulsa my sister pipes up, “Hey Mommy! I can read the letters on that car! p-o-L-I-C-E!” My mother was a saint, I would have lost the few threads of my sanity I have left right then and there.

I’ll admit that I may have been in denial this week. He did keep scratching his head and I took a quick peek at it the other day. In his bathroom, with the terrible lighting, at night. I was mistakenly thought that I should see white things (which I didn’t) I just thought he had the same dry, itchy scalp thing his brother had when he was at that age. 

Wishful thinking.

I have just finished treating him. I swear, I wanted to go to the zoo and get one of those monkeys to pick through Christopher’s hair. Curious George can get to know every strand of my child’s head. Goodness knows I do.

Have a lousy day!  Not really.

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