Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Mommy-ism

Thought this up after this mornings drama.

Tantrumly Late - Your child throws a monumental hissy fit when told he will return to the basketball day camp he so loved the day before. You let child flail in his room because said fit is so legendary you would actually feel guilty throwing you thrashing, screaming child at an unfortunate rec center camp leader. When child is informed that he will not have siblings or mommy as playmates and that he is banned from anything with a screen, camp starts to sound really good. Jr.Jekyll/Jr.Hyde them puts on a happy face and bounds onto the basketball court showing no signs of the trauma of the morning. He is there, albeit Tantrumly Late.

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icefairy said...

Hi Linda, visiting from Twitter Moms. Love the Food Poor momfinition. I'd love to know your thoughts on mine Thanks!