Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Mommy-isms

Here are mine!  

Infant Amnesia - The phenomena that makes us forget the trials of having a newborn thus enabling the human race to continue.  

Food Poor - Remember when you got your first house, money was tight and you were 'house poor?' Its like that only replace with 'house' with 'food' because you have two teenage eating machines in your home.  

Huffstompandroll - When your child does not get what they want they huff loudly, stomp a foot and roll their eyes. Perfected by teen aged girls.  

Y-O-Y! - Actually 'Why, Oh Why." Used by moms of boys when their XY chromosome child does something like pushing his brother down the stairs while he is in the laundry basket.  

No Namaste - In yoga, like we have the time to do that anymore, the word Namaste means that "the light within me honors the light within you." When your children have light bulb moments like jumping off the roof to see if they can make it to the swimming pool, you are not gonna honor that enlightenment.

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The Maven said...

Those are pretty gosh darn awesome, Queen Linda! I am soooo not looking forward to when all three of my boys are teenagers. Thanks to some handy dandy fertility woes, however, we won't have them all the stage in quick, succession. Hopefully we'll have time to recover from one enormous eater before the next brother starts up. :P

Planet Mom said...

Hilarious--and oh-so-true! I especially loved Infant Amnesia, because WHY ELSE would the human race even continue??? The Food Poor Momfinition was spot on as well! We could even get more specific in this household as it relates to our ever diminishing supply of MILK. Good grief!

Thanx for sharing!

Neat Rox said...

I sure identify with the Y-O-Y definition! I'm also starting to learn about the Food Poor issue. I've got one teenage boy now and it's getting to be a challenge already! My infant amnesia only lasted through 3 babies before I had a miraculous recovery!