Wednesday, September 16, 2009

College Night

Fellow Queens,

Remember last week when I talked about back to school night? Boy I felt smug then, didn’t I. Well the tables were turned on my sweet leather-clad self. I attended the College Information Night at my son’s high school.

The college counselor and form master had talked to the class that afternoon and gave the boys a brief outline of what was to come. Prince Tim gave me a heads up when he got home from school. All he did was smile slyly and say, “Oh, just wait.”

After the pre-meeting socializing was over I tried to find a seat close to a trash can in case the need to hurl arose. The whole college journey made me queasy. Deadlines, applications, essays, the SAT, the ACT, my PMS; the whole thing made my head spin.

Thankfully the school’s counselor is amazing. Number one, she only has boys. That earns my respect right there. And number two, she has the most soothing voice ever. Not the kind that makes you nod off, but the kind the SWAT team uses to talk people off the ledge. That is exactly what I needed.

I now realize that it isn’t the process of Prince Tim getting into college that is upsetting. It is the fact that he is only two years from going that is unsettling. I swear I just had that kid. Really. I still have the baby weight.

College night was just another reminder that he is not a boy anymore but a young man. And earning to let him go is just another part of parenting.

Reign On!

Queen Linda

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