Friday, September 18, 2009

On Twitter Moms the question of the day from Samsung is 'Where is the Heart of the Home?'Now my first response is that it is in the laundry room but that is only when the boys have the stomach flu. But my real answer is that the heart is in each one in the Ford castle. The heart resides in me, for loving my family so much that I continue to keep us chugging along.It resides in my husband as his love for our family grows each day as he fulfills his promise to provide for us. Emotionally, financially and spiritually.It resides in my sons as we strive to have them grow into respectful, confident men who are responsible for their own actions.This is my goal, this is what resides in my heart.


Lorie said...

The heart of our home right now is the bedroom! My kids are still young, so there is enough room for all of us to cuddle together on my bed! Stories or just hanging out, it is my favorite place!

Tricia said...

Love your answer good luck to you

Hope one of us win.