Friday, September 4, 2009

Let’s weigh in on this week’s topic - Back to school night!

With the start of school comes the formidable back to school night. What fun! Here is how it rolls with me.

First of all, I plan my outfit.

I do feel that the administration and I need to get things off to a truthful start, so I usually wear my motorcycle leathers. You know, the boot cut leather pants, the side lace up vest. A few years ago my kids gave me a leather do-rag to complete the ensamble. I think it sets a certain tone. Never mind the fact that the one and only time I got on a motorcycle I popped the clutch, took off, missed one tree and didn’t think my luck would hold out so I just lightly tapped the next tree thus slowing me down enough to hop off. The boyfriend picked up the bike before he picked up me. If I had mastered the art of riding I would have left him there in the woods.

But I digress. Last Wednesday night was the BTSN for my 8th grader. Every teacher mentioned that some of their curriculum will focus on getting the kids prepared for the ICEE. I have heard rumor of said test, it is administered to youngsters considering a private high school. In the spirit of fairness I have decided to insist that my child also take the Slurpee test. Some people just don’t get me.

We should also adhere to the ‘no rescue’ policy. It is evidently time to let the young little fledglings fly on their own.

Now I have been doing this for years. My boys only had to call me from school a few times to see how I handle this situation.

“Mom, I forgot my lunch.” “Today is the day you find out which one of your friends have cash, my son.”

“Mom, can you bring me my homework? I left it at home.” “Yes, I know, I have been reading your essay for fun. I hope I can finish before you turn it in tomorrow.”

They learned.

Once I got a call from a mom who’s child had forgotten his math book. She wanted to know if she could come over, take the book to Kinkos and run off the problems. Okie dokie. She rang the bell, I gave her the book and took one look at my son. He quickly said, “You wouldn’t do that for me in a million years.” “That is exactly right, my young Jedi. And your friend should have solved his problem, not his Mommy.”

I often wonder whether she did his homework too.

I’m sure some of you think that I am a horrible parent for this credo. But I would rather have my children learning to fly now so they won’t crash into the windows of the real world later.

This week is the back to school night for my 2nd grader. More on that soon, but I think I'll wear my crown.

Reign On!
Queen Linda

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