Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Best Queen E-Mail ever! Thank you Queen Landy!

Hello Queen Linda,

I've loved your e-mails for months! They've made me think, cry, and so far I've avoided peeing in my pants from laughter. I will say that your last e-mail had me and my friends really talking AND thinking about how we would have handled the situation that your prince placed you in. Although I felt it was harsh I didn't think that it warranted my opinion. Here's why...he's not my son and you know him better than me! You felt that was the best discipline for your son. Who am I to tell you what I think about it?!

I cringe to think was others think of my parenting skills. I'm a firm believer in the Love & Logic method of parenting which sounds exactly like how you parent. I allow my kids to make mistakes. Hello! If they wear a helmet to protect their heads as toddlers they'll never learn to duck under the table! Anyway, I appreciate that you talk about the in's and out's of raising boys. Not only have you given me fodder to use later but you've also allowed me to make u-turns in my parenting ways. Do-overs if you will. I'm a queen who reigns over a 5 year old and 19 month old and the only mom with multiple boys in our playgroup. So there are some very distinct differences in my friend's kids and my boys. We've allowed our oldest to make and learn from his mistakes. I've never corrected them for him. Prince 2 will be taught in much the same way. No...I will not do your homework and you have only this much time to do it if you want to play on the Wii!

Anyway, I look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for making this site so invaluable in many ways

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