Monday, October 5, 2009

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"Chuck E. Cheese isn't evil, Mommy."

This was a comment I must have made before. As we passed the pizza joint my then-5-year-old Prince Christopher parroted it back to me. I would rather poke my eyes out than go there. I think I would rather slice a jalapeno pepper and put that in my eyes before I poke my eyes out.

Oh wait, did I say that out loud?

For one thing I never have understood the appeal of Chuck E. Cheese. It is beyond me how some parents think that a six foot tall rat charging toward their freaked out toddler to give them a hug is a good thing. I have seen many a child scarred for life after that encounter. A birthday to remember for sure.

If that experience doesn’t stay with the kiddos, the smell of the ball pit will.

Back then Mr. Man was workin' it. He starting to wield the greatest power a kindergartener can - the dreaded "Oh yeah, then I'm not going to invite you to my birthday party!" I'm sure you all have been there. He can pull that on his brothers but not the Queen. All it takes is a "Oh yeah, well I'm not going to invite you to go Trick-or-Treating with me. So there!" from me and he dissolves into the sweetie boy I'm more familiar with. He comes over, pats my hand and says, "Okay Mommy. You can come to my birthday party." I'll save the date.

Now he is older and wiser. The hype for the anniversary of his birth starts around mid-June. Did I mention his birthday is October 18? He lobbies for party themes (which change rapidly), what the contents of the goody bags will be and who he wants to invite. Finally I had to lay down the law. “My birthday (Aug 25) comes before yours (not Aug 25). May I (born on Aug 25) make the suggestion that you (again, not born on Aug 25) plan for that day (Aug 25) instead?” What can I say? They are boys, I have to get important things across literally and subliminally.

We come to an agreement. No party talk until October 1. Well guess what month it is now. He actually was having a countdown to the first and now negotiations are in full swing.

The plans have not been finalized but the opening round went something like this-

“How about a bounce house with the basketball hoop inside?” he suggests.

“No, you will all collide and break your heads.”

“Miniature golf?” he ventured.

“No, I’m not giving you pseudo-clubs.”

“Batting cages?”

“Again, the club thing. Think on it some more.”

I’m going to back down until we agree to partying in the backyard with family and friends playing pin the tail on the donkey after eating home made cake.

Remember those parties? Let me know about your favorite one, yours or your kid's.


Queen Lisa of PA said...

our favorite party (for my twin boys) was a trip to hike at a local nature preserve(pack snacks and a first aid kit)followed by burgers and dogs on the grill, then camping in tents in the backyard overnight. It had all the fun of camping, but with the benefit of indoor plumbing. Breakfast was easy---very large platters of pancakes and gallons of milk.
Party favors? Flashlights, of course!

Queen Lisa from PA

LKline said...

My youngest Prince was hooked on ChuckECheese for years ... until he discovered Dave & Busters. Much nicer for the adults - full bar!

Queen Laurie from TX