Thursday, December 17, 2009

All They Want for Christmas is......

Fellow Queens!

Your boys crack me up.

Here is what some of them are asking for.

My 8 year old asked for a “ a vegetarian Tyranasaurous Rex- so he doesn’t eat me” - Queen Jennifer

After seeing the commercial my son Jason asked me if the Nuva Ring was a bracelet. He wanted to get it for me for Christmas! -Queen Erin

My Prince Joey, 18 years old, asked for a hair clipper last Christmas, which we gladly gave him after his years of long hair. He began cutting his own hair and experimenting on others. He has developed what I call the “He-Man Haircut.” His friends or brothers sit on a stacked pair of tires and choose their buzz number. After cutting their hair my son the barber gets out the lawn blower to blow the excess hair off of them. -Queen Jenny

My son asked the mall Santa for a rock wall for his playhouse (which he added "I hope he doesn't bring me a small one!!!" -Queen Jenny

This year my five year old son asked for a remote controlled flying saucer that will do whatever he tells it to do, including landing on people's heads.

Get shopping Queenies!

Queen Linda

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