Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All Rise Followers of the Tao of Duh

Based on the email from the last two weeks I will have plenty of followers of the Tao of Duh. Here is what some of our fellow queens had to say.

“That mom is itching for trouble down the road with the "my little men are angels" routine. I wonder if her last name is Haskell? As in Eddie Haskell?” -Queen Lisa of Henderson, NV

“Prince Neal complained about his tight dark blue jeans. I asked him why he wasn't wearing the new, light blue, slightly larger ones. He forgot we'd bought them - in fact, the two new pairs were still in the bag from the store, on the floor right between his bed and dresser. He also has not worn any of his new t-shirts he got at Christmas. They are right where he left them, on the back of the sofa in the living room where he sat while opening gifts. Yes, there are times you can only laugh and shake your head as you try to guide them in life.” -Queen Melissa

“I hear what the mom is saying about having to defend boys to their friends who only have sweet, calm little girls. But we're not talking to moms of sweet little girls at It’s Good To Be The Queen, we're talking to each other. Commiserating, sharing, and supporting each other. I'm guessing that anyone who doesn't get The Tao of Duh has boys that haven't hit middle school.” -Queen Pam

And here is my favorite. Queen Mums are Queens who have sons that are grown and have left the castle. They are revered and wise. Queen Mum Becky is one of the most regal. Listen and learn my Majesties.

“I have watched my princes grow into wonderful young men and have a story for you about how our princes can go from “Duh” to “Awww, isn’t that sweet?” This was related to me by my daughter-in-law about her husband, my son.

My youngest prince works nights in a hospital while he is going to nursing school. His job is an orderly function but he is an EMT and spends a lot of time just sitting with post-surgery patients. The other night a little old lady did not want to get out of bed so that they could change her sheets. Prince Christopher watched this interaction between patient and staff for about 30 seconds and then stepped up to the patient and said “So how about we dance?” He pulled her into his arms and began singing to her and they swayed back and forth. The other staff members quickly changed her bed and as he finished he gently set her back down on her fresh bed linens and helped her to lay back down.”

That’s what I’m talking about ladies! All hail Queen Mum Becky!

Reign on!

Queen Linda

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