Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And, we're back!

After a web induced hiatus the Queendom is in residence. And off we go!

Now I’m not letting any of you in on a big secret if I tell you that sometimes boys are clueless. And sometimes they are gross. And sometimes they are clueless AND gross.

I’ll let some other Queens explain.

My youngest son Prince Sebastian (8) and I have a standing dinner date night after Cub Scouts. We always have fun and enjoy great conversation. One night I was explaining that he had to eat his fruits and vegetables to grow big and strong. He replied (totally seriously) "No I don't. I can just take the Blue Pill, it makes you BIG!"

I was trying not to laugh hysterically and come up with some kind of response. All I could think of was " That is not what those pills are for."

To which he asked, "What are they for then?"


"They are for old men who have problems with their private parts."


But then, one last question. “Hey Mom, does Grandpa take them?”

Aaaaaaaah...eat your dinner!” -Queen Andrea of Lebanon, MO

After being herded into the girl's bathroom for a tornado drill my son whispered to me, "You know what they have in there Mom? A machine on the wall that sells mints for a quarter!" -Queen Gail

When Prince Michael was about 10 years old, we were watching TV together. A commercial for Tampax came on featuring a couple in a boat. Boat springs a leak, Frantic Man attempts to bail water to avoid sinking, Calm Woman digs through her purse, produces a tampon, plugs the hole and saves the day! My Prince laughs out loud, “Imagine making a product like that -you would hardly EVER use it! How many times are you in a sinking boat!” - Queen Susan of Dallas

I bet my friends who are blessed with the XX version of offspring have never had a two year old come downstairs in the middle of a dinner party with a tampon inserted in his mouth and the string dangling from his lips. -Queen Jenny

My son Ryan thought the sanitary napkins he found under the bathroom sink would make great knee and elbow pads for when he played hockey! -Queen Andra of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

All together now.


Reign On!

Queen Linda

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