Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marathon Momma

Fellow Queens,
Today the Dallas Running Club held a half marathon that went down the next block. Prince Christopher and I walked down to cheer.
Embarassing my boys is a full time job and I really outdo myself when cheering on runners. Some of my golden nuggets are, “That’s right baby! You have earned the right to run without a shirt!!” and “Tomorrow you can tell everyone in the break room ‘I earned this donut, slug!’”
Remarkably Christopher wasn’t appalled by my behavior and was quite interested in the race.
While walking back to the castle he says, “Wow Mom, do we know anybody who has ever run a marathon?”
“Uh... hellllllloooo. ME! I ran TWO marathons!”
“Oh. I knew you ran them. I didn’t know you finished.”

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