Monday, January 18, 2010

Tao of Duh not Tao of Dumb

I love discussion. So weigh in on this one.

In my last post, The Tao of Duh, I reported on my boy's errs of the obvious. Which is what the word 'duh' means. If you check out Urban Dictionary, which is one of my favorite sites to decode the language of teens, the word duh means 'A word people use when the obvious is stated.'
Let us use it in a sentence. Me - "I love you Prince Christopher." Him - "Duh Mom."
When my post went out as my Weekly Address to thousands of moms I got this response:

When a friend recommended this site, I thought it was a great idea. A bunch of moms of boys that can relate to each other getting together on a website to talk about that which we have in common. As a mother of three boys, I have learned that there's a lot of people who stereotype boys as rough, dirty, unkind and many of the things you insinuate on your story today (I guess dumb) Well, I'm not about to condone it. I am the one that is always standing up for my boys and not letting anyone put them down! People are always saying what a handful it must be for me but guess what, I have three beautiful, loving, caring sweet little men and I would not have it any other way. I don't think making fun of them is the answer or makes anyone feel supported with raising boys. Please remove me from your email list and I wish you nothing but the best.



PoiLovinKris said...

Wow! I have four wonderful little fellas, and have been a subscriber to your newsletters for four-ish years. I do not think that having a sense of humor, even poking a little fun, means that you think your boys are dumb. I've always enjoyed your humor, and have no doubt that you love your boys just as I love mine! My boys, who are quite intelligent, are often oblivious, and we LOVE to laugh about it together! I think it's wonderful to teach them to laugh at themselves--we ALL have our duh moments, and I think that we should enjoy them as a family ;-). Humor is a fantastic way to support each other, and share our wonderful journey raising boys! Thank you, Queen Linda; for the website, the support, and especially the humor!

Linda Marie Ford said...

Just had to read this affirmation again!

momof1 said...

People who are this easily offended need to be offended as thoroughly and as often as possible! I bet her knees hurt from jerking in reaction and her feet hurt from jumping to conclusions! Reign on!